Our People

Tūhura Tech is a group of tech-savvy and education-focused individuals who saw a need for better technology education resources for students and schools in the Wellington area. Driven by a passion for technology and education, we founded Tūhura Tech to provide consistent and comprehensive support for those looking to learn about technology. Our team is dedicated to helping students and schools grow their technological knowledge and skills to prepare them for the future.

With a focus on quality and accessibility, Tūhura Tech offers a range of resources, including educational programs and workshops, designed to meet the needs of students and schools. We believe that technology plays a critical role in shaping the future, and we are committed to empowering students and schools with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.

Our Staff

Leon Bowie

Head of Operations

Actively involved in technology outreach for the past 7 years running Code Clubs, coaching robotics teams and working in industry as a DevOps Engineer. One of the founders who now runs Tūhura Tech working with our staff, volunteers and sponsors to make sure all kids can get the best support possible.

Ai Winters

Head Mentor

Doing a Bachelors of Design Innovation in Game Design, they have a firce passion for all things creation. From cybersecurity to 3D modelling, they strive to make wonders and spawn awe. Helping others on their path of creation is of top priority.

Jennifer Howard

Head Mentor

Interested in supporting and helping the next generation of tech enthusiasts, she mostly enjoys working with the younger students and introducing them to technology.

Abigail Clennell

Head Mentor

Abby has 2 degrees with majors varying from AI to Computer Graphics and Mathematics and currently pursuing a Master's Thesis on AI and wildlife conservation. She has tutored many university courses that range from Cybersecurity to Concurrent Programming and even Game Development. She is a leader at Karori West and Wadestown Scout Groups working with ages 8-18.

Zelle Marcovicci

Head Mentor

Zelle graduated with a Bachelors of Creative Media Production, specializing in video games and other kinds of wobbly interactive technology. In addition to her work with Tūhura Tech, she teaches immersive storytelling, programming and web development to first- and second-year students at Massey University.

Join our Team

We are looking for more people to join our team and help grow our mahi. We pay $40 per hour and are looking for more Head Mentors (10 hours per week) or for other people to join our team. Send us an email with your cv if interested.

Our Volunteers

Nixia C


A passionate graphical designer, Nixia is responsible for all of our graphics and generously donates her time and skills to make our content look professional and clear. They originally designed our Logo and now actively support us on all materials.

Sofie Claridge


Currently studying a Master of Computer Science at Te Herenga Waka - Victoria University of Wellington she has a passion for wearable technology.

Izaak Karasawa


Cybersecurity professional and blue team enthusiast. wants to see the industry in New Zealand grow and evolve.

Abhishek Rameshanand


Volunteer with us

Come join our volunteering team and help support students in your region. Any experience is appreciate with either helping teaching, building resources or helping maintain our infrastructure. Send us an email if you are keen to help volunteer.

Our Board

Leon Bowie


Leon is the Head of Operations for Tūhura Tech with a love of technology and a passion for education. Working in this space for the past 8 years they have a strong focus on supporting students and enhancing opportunities. The former Robocup NZ representative and NZ Cyber Security Competition winner has a range of interests and passions across technology.

John Barrow


With a range of experience spanning decades both in industry and education John provides a unique voice that bridge both industry and the education sector together. Currently a DigiTech teacher at Wellington High School they are also actively involved directly in our sessions at their school.

Lillian Pak


Kia ora koutou katoa! Lillian Pak has had a varied career in education, libraries, and public service, in a range of roles covering programme and project management, senior management, teaching, curriculum and materials development, teacher training, quality assurance and stakeholder engagement, in both Aotearoa New Zealand and overseas. She also brings extensive governance, and grassroots community development experience. What she loves most about Tūhura Tech is how it removes barriers and provides free and equitable access to education, learning and knowledge.

Justin Chua


Currently a student at Massey University they are passionate about giving kids opportunities and supporting them. They view accessible and public resources and education as essential and want to help the charity have the maximum possible reach.

Thomas Jackson


Currently at Wellington High School as a student they have been attending the Tūhura Tech sessions since 2022 when they started and currently serve as a student voice on our board.

Jerome Dolman


Rose Langridge


Rose has been working in the education industry for over a decade. Rose currently works with akonga in senior high school at Wa Ora Montessori School. Tuhura Tech's mission of equitable access to learning is a large reason why Rose has joined the board.

Simon McCallum